Custom Engine Overhaul

To assure you the finest engine overhaul available, Universal Aero Engines adheres to the manufacturers published list of mandatory replacement parts at overhaul. Any additional parts that do not meet manufacturer’s new fits and tolerances are discarded and are not used in any Universal Aero built engine. Each task is detailed in a battery of internal forms that systematically captures the status of each component of the engine, during the inspection and build process. Complete Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins records are raised specific to engine model, to identify AD/SB compliance requirements. Connecting rods, pistons and counterweights are matched and balanced per the manufacturer’s requirements. Hydraulic lifters are flow matched to provide equal bleed-down rates in conjunction with Universal’s valve clearance process that has valve clearances within .010 across the board. This provides continuity of the valve train system during operation to provide matched valve lift and duration. These processes greatly enhance the operational characteristics of your engine giving you a more efficient, powerful and smoother running engine. These efforts also reduce the vibrational effects that may be experienced in the cockpit. After final assembly all engines undergo a rigorous test run in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications to ensure trouble free operation.


Engine Repairs & Inspections

Universal Aero performs many types of repairs on various piston engines. These repairs range from propeller-strike/sudden stoppage inspections, corrosion inspections, metal contamination, and catastrophic failures.
The most common repairs are the propeller-strike/sudden stoppage inspections. Universal Aero performs this inspection/repair as per the manufacturer’s requirements. Each component is carefully inspected using Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle inspection methods. If any flaws are found, they are documented and photographed identifying the defect. Upon completion of engine inspection, the customer will be notified with an inspection report and a complete repair estimate. This allows the customer the option to do a major overhaul on the engine depending on engine time and economic sense.
In many cases, propeller-strike/sudden stoppage inspections involve insurance claims that can sometimes be a daunting endeavor. Universal Aero can provide assistance for you in identifying the parts that are related to the prop-strike or stoppage. In addition, we are also available to directly discuss any damages or answer any questions that the insurance agent may have, making the process easier for you.


Accessory Overhaul & Repair

Universal Aero is approved to repair or overhaul Slick and Bendix magnetos, carburetors, cylinders, TCM oil pump assemblies and TCM starter adapter’s. We also have many of these items in stock, new and overhauled for exchange to provide a quick turnaround. For more information and availability, please contact us.


Extra Services

Complete engine parts inspection and recertification which includes cleaning, dimensional inspection as well as NDT inspection (LPI & MPI). We also provide connecting rod and rocker arm rework.